Paintings from Jan 13 MNDGNY

So I started a sketch group for naturist male artists in NYC called Men’s Naked Drawing Group NY. We had our first session earlier this week. It was/is a lot of fun organizing it. Here are my paintings from the January 13, 2015 session.

To read my description and artist comments on each painting and to purchase, click here for my website. Free shipping within the continental US.

You can also see my comments on the session and drawings from the other artists on the MNDGNY blog.

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Added 2 Men’s Drawing Groups

Added 2 men’s drawing groups to my list:

Men’s Art Event, Ft. Lauderdale and the Vauxhall Gay Life Drawing Group, London, UK.

I’m also happy to report that my Men’s Naked Drawing Group NY has gotten a lot of interest! We have 32 naked artist members; the January 13 session has a waiting list and the February 10 session is already starting to fill up. Who knew?

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Nude Drawing Group in Toronto!

Just found out that TNT!MEN, Toronto’s social group for naturist men has a naked drawing group! It’s usually on the 4th Thursday of each month (but it’s different for this month so check their calendar). I’ve added it to my list of male drawing groups. Check it out.

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RSVP for Inaugural Men’s Naked Drawing Group NY

So I finally got my naturist drawing group set up! Our inaugural drawing session will be Tuesday January 13, 2015 in NYC.

A sketch group for naturist/nudist male artists where artists take turns posing for each other. When both the model and the artist are similarly naked, they are on equal footing, encouraging an openness and camaraderie not found in traditional drawing groups.

Men’s Naked Drawing Group NY

New York, NY
17 Naked Artists

A sketch group for naturist/nudist male artists where artists take turns posing for each other. When both the model and the artist are similarly naked, they are on equal footi…

Check out this Meetup Group →

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What makes for a good figure drawing pose?

In all the drawing groups I attend, there is a common challenge: good poses. I’d like to hear from artists, models and collectors on what you think makes for a good pose, specifically for figure drawing groups as opposed to photography.

We all want interesting poses, even if it’s a classical statuesque pose. The model has to be able to hold still for 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes (with brief stretches as necessary), so there are practical physical limitations. What is it that clicks or triggers creativity? There are many different answers, but to start the conversation, here are a couple of mine:

  • I like dynamic poses with twists and diagonal lines.
  • I like poses that show emotion (face and/or body).
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Must See: Classical Nudes at the Leslie-Lohman Museum!

Classical Nudes and the Making of Queer History
October 17, 2014 – January 4, 2015

Curated by Jonathan David Katz, this show is a stunner. Opening tonight the exhibit includes works by Michelangelo, Paul Cadmus, Romaine Brooks, Tee Corinne, Robert Mapplethorpe and so many others.

For more info:

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Andy Golub’s NYC Body Painting Day, July 26, 2014

(Note: photographs include artistic nudity).

I witnessed an amazing event yesterday; the New York City Bodypainting Day organized by body painter extraordinaire Andy Golub. Although Andy has done body painting many times all over the city (check out his twitter feed), I understand that it was the first event at this large a scale. The event was held at the southwest corner of Central Park at the intersection of West 59th Street and Central Park West at Columbus Circle.

0-intro IMG_1032

Andy Golub’s info booth

0-intro IMG_1034

Co-sponsored by Young Naturists America. All Bodies Are Good Bodies. #NYBPD

1-Andy IMG_1030

Andy Golub at work

Young Naturists America provided the models and co-organized the event. There appeared to be 30 or so body artists painting about 40 models plus at least that many photographers! There was a wide range of ages, ethnicities and body types. Female models seemed to outnumber the male models, but not by a substantial margin. Most models were fully naked wearing only some footwear. General photos of the event:

2-scene IMG_1015 2-scene IMG_1022 2-scene IMG_1026 2-scene IMG_1045 2-scene IMG_1046 2-scene IMG_1055 2-scene IMG_1059 2-scene IMG_1063 2-scene IMG_1071 2-scene IMG_1075

Many tourists and New Yorkers alike stopped by to watch. Everyone seemed fascinated; I didn’t hear any negative comments. Artists at work and some of the models posing:

3-artists IMG_1023

An artist AND model paints another model!

3-artists IMG_1040

Paints and tools of the day.

3-artists IMG_1054

Artist Danny Setiawan

3-artists IMG_1066 3-artists IMG_1082 3-artists IMG_1083 4-individuals IMG_1020 4-individuals IMG_1087 4-individuals IMG_1094 4-individuals IMG_1100

Even Korean TV was there.

5-misc IMG_1091

A potentially tense moment: NYC Parks Enforcement officers stopped by. All the paperwork seemed to be in order; they “just wanted to read it,” according to the officers.

5-misc IMG_1089

I couldn’t stick around for the march down Broadway and the photo shoot in Times Square, but I’m sure it was fantastic.

As a fledgling nudist and fine art painter, I look forward to participating myself in the future!

Additional links:

Andy Golub

David Letterman video on legality of naked bodypainting:

Young Naturists America

About July 26 Event:

Twitter hashtag: #NYBPD

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