NuDance naked dance class

So I finally went to NuDance on Friday. It was been something I’d been wanting to do for some time. Although I took some ballroom dance classes a while ago, I had never done any street-style dance. DamoN taught us some basics. I don’t even know the names of what we did, but I had a great time. I need sooo much improvement so I’ll definitely go back!

I’m looking for naked friends (any gender) to go with me for this class! JOIN ME.

NuDance is a weekly naked street/urban/hip-hop dance class taught by DamoN and organized by It meets every Friday night, usually 9-10pm in Manhattan (location varies). For more info and to join their email list:

NuDance on

About shungaboy

Gay male artist, NYC
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2 Responses to NuDance naked dance class

  1. αNaturist says:

    thank you for visiting us and writing this review! please come back =)

  2. renudepride says:

    Good for you, man! Great exercise – I danced with the amateur dance group at my university during my undergraduate days. It’s good to see that you’re progressing into the naked/nudist world! Naked hugs!

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