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Nude Drawing Group in Toronto!

Just found out that TNT!MEN, Toronto’s social group for naturist men has a naked drawing group! It’s usually on the 4th Thursday of each month (but it’s different for this month so check their calendar). I’ve added it to my … Continue reading

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RSVP for Inaugural Men’s Naked Drawing Group NY

So I finally got my naturist drawing group set up! Our inaugural drawing session will be Tuesday January 13, 2015 in NYC. A sketch group for naturist/nudist male artists where artists take turns posing for each other. When both the … Continue reading

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What makes for a good figure drawing pose?

In all the drawing groups I attend, there is a common challenge: good poses. I’d like to hear from artists, models and collectors on what you think makes for a good pose, specifically for figure drawing groups as opposed to … Continue reading

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