Andy Golub’s NYC Body Painting Day, July 26, 2014

(Note: photographs include artistic nudity).

I witnessed an amazing event yesterday; the New York City Bodypainting Day organized by body painter extraordinaire Andy Golub. Although Andy has done body painting many times all over the city (check out his twitter feed), I understand that it was the first event at this large a scale. The event was held at the southwest corner of Central Park at the intersection of West 59th Street and Central Park West at Columbus Circle.

0-intro IMG_1032

Andy Golub’s info booth

0-intro IMG_1034

Co-sponsored by Young Naturists America. All Bodies Are Good Bodies. #NYBPD

1-Andy IMG_1030

Andy Golub at work

Young Naturists America provided the models and co-organized the event. There appeared to be 30 or so body artists painting about 40 models plus at least that many photographers! There was a wide range of ages, ethnicities and body types. Female models seemed to outnumber the male models, but not by a substantial margin. Most models were fully naked wearing only some footwear. General photos of the event:

2-scene IMG_1015 2-scene IMG_1022 2-scene IMG_1026 2-scene IMG_1045 2-scene IMG_1046 2-scene IMG_1055 2-scene IMG_1059 2-scene IMG_1063 2-scene IMG_1071 2-scene IMG_1075

Many tourists and New Yorkers alike stopped by to watch. Everyone seemed fascinated; I didn’t hear any negative comments. Artists at work and some of the models posing:

3-artists IMG_1023

An artist AND model paints another model!

3-artists IMG_1040

Paints and tools of the day.

3-artists IMG_1054

Artist Danny Setiawan

3-artists IMG_1066 3-artists IMG_1082 3-artists IMG_1083 4-individuals IMG_1020 4-individuals IMG_1087 4-individuals IMG_1094 4-individuals IMG_1100

Even Korean TV was there.

5-misc IMG_1091

A potentially tense moment: NYC Parks Enforcement officers stopped by. All the paperwork seemed to be in order; they “just wanted to read it,” according to the officers.

5-misc IMG_1089

I couldn’t stick around for the march down Broadway and the photo shoot in Times Square, but I’m sure it was fantastic.

As a fledgling nudist and fine art painter, I look forward to participating myself in the future!

Additional links:

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David Letterman video on legality of naked bodypainting:

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About July 26 Event:

Twitter hashtag: #NYBPD

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4 Responses to Andy Golub’s NYC Body Painting Day, July 26, 2014

  1. Tony Enchmarch says:

    Awesome art work, so wish we could do something like that here in NZ.

    • shungaboy says:

      Yes! I think the body painters did a great job. I didn’t participate myself this year, but I’m going to practice body painting and get more involved in the scene!

  2. aguywithoutboxers says:

    Cool! It’s fun! Nice photos, my blogging buddy! Much love and naked hugs! 🙂

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