Eryk, getting back to work (me)

This was one of my first baby-steps back to painting since my successful Shungaboy, the DC Paintings (must be logged in to FB) exhibit at the Vitruvian Gallery in Washington DC last October/November. Fellow artist and friend Rob Clarke aptly diagnosed my break as “postpartum”. Anyway, it felt good to see all my friends at the Leslie-Lohman Drawing Studio again. The model for the evening, Eryk made it that much better. A professional figure model as well a successful Broadway actor, he held the poses very well. (March 5, 2014 session)
 eryk1_IMG_8449 2014eryk2_IMG_8450 2014eryk3_IMG_8451 2014eryk4_IMG_8452 2014

My single-color silhouette paintings from this session recalls some of my work from a few years ago (2010).

0604 Shungaboy 100217 72dpi 6x4 20100618 Lovers Wrestling 1 2010

About shungaboy

Gay male artist, NYC
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