Hairy Hunk Joe

So last week the scheduled model had to cancel, so thankfully Rob was able to get the popular and friendly Joe Z as the replacement model on short notice.  Joe is tall and big, with closely cropped hair on his head and a lovely mat of fur on his chest.  Here are a few paintings from that session (February 1, 2012) at the Leslie-Lohman Erotic Drawing Studio.  More paintings of Joe on my paintings site and the one naughty painting from the session can be seen on my tumblr.

Colorful Hairy Boxer, 2012

Colorful Hairy Boxer, 2012 (#S10199)

Doberman Look, 2012

Doberman Look, 2012 (#S10200)

Unbuttoning Shirtcuff, 2012

Unbuttoning Shirtcuff, 2012 (#S10195)

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