Handsome Michael

Last week (January 18, 2012) our model was handsome, sexy Michael.  The night started with some yoga-ish poses, followed by some in a sailor’s shirt/hat (now there’s a fantasy!).  The session got even hotter as the evening drew to a close.  I’ve realized that even though the title of this post is “Handsome Michael”, I don’t have any paintings of his face – that will be something I have to look forward to the next time his poses.  Below are a couple of my paintings of Michael.

Relaxed Seated Pose

Relaxed Seated Pose (#S10174)

Sailor Shirt Red

Sailor Shirt Red, 2012 (#S10176)

Sailor Confined Quarters

Sailor Confined Quarters, 2012 (#S10177)

For the steamier poses, you’ll have to check out my tumblr blog.

My related products (thanks for your support!)

Card - Sailor Shirt Red card
Card – Sailor Shirt Red by Shungaboy
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Gay male artist, NYC
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