Bodypainting Photoshoot, Sept 2016

Last fall, I collaborated with photographer @misterburris, who shoots bodypainting events, among other things. We wanted to do a photo shoot of body painting in a private outdoor setting. My nudist friend Shai agreed to paint with me and my artist/nudist friend Chuck graciously agreed to host.

Here are the photos of Shai and me painting each other.

Twitter: @misterburris

Shai’s Nude Events:
Twitter: @nudeEvents 
Nude Neon Bodypainting Extravaganza (FEB 18, 2017, 7-9PM): tickets on EventBrite

ABOUT SHUNGABOY. Shungaboy is an artist and a nudist. He specializes in vibrant paintings of men, with a focus on dancers. He is also seeking work as a figure drawing model. He lives and works in New York City.
Life Model Reel:

I’m also working on a few other things:

Dirty Little Drawings, an online art gallery of some of the artists from the exhibition

Men’s Naked Drawing Group NY, a naked figure drawing group for men

Ask me a question:

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NuDance naked dance class

So I finally went to NuDance on Friday. It was been something I’d been wanting to do for some time. Although I took some ballroom dance classes a while ago, I had never done any street-style dance. DamoN taught us some basics. I don’t even know the names of what we did, but I had a great time. I need sooo much improvement so I’ll definitely go back!

I’m looking for naked friends (any gender) to go with me for this class! JOIN ME.

NuDance is a weekly naked street/urban/hip-hop dance class taught by DamoN and organized by It meets every Friday night, usually 9-10pm in Manhattan (location varies). For more info and to join their email list:

NuDance on

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Shungaboy in Erotic Desire Art Fair, May 13-15

I will be in a group exhibit this weekend, “Erotic Desire.” The opening reception is tomorrow Friday, 6-8PM. The show continues on Saturday and Sunday, 12-6PM. If you are in NYC, please stop by and say hello. I’d love to meet you in person! The address is Prince St Project Space, 127 Prince Street (basement, corner of Wooster St) in Soho, NYC.

Event header 2016 v2

Here are the details on my other blog:

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Video: Shungaboy: a nude artist and his men’s naked drawing group

Shungaboy: a nude artist and his men’s naked drawing group by Barbara Marcolini

This is a video by Barbara Marcolini about me and my naked drawing group. She is a student in the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism here in NYC; the video is part of her coursework, and Bob Sacha is her professor. Here’s the video: THE VIDEO IS TEMPORARILY NOT VIEWABLE BECAUSE IT IS BEING EDITED…

Barbara was working with another student, Joshua Futtersak. The super-duo of Josh and Barbara came to my home studio to shoot a B-roll, followed by filming at a live drawing session, the results of which you can see in her video. They were very professional, in-your-face but in the most unobtrusive way. What a fantastic experience!

JOIN the group exclusively on MeetUp:

FOLLOW the group’s blog:

FOLLOW the artist Shungaboy on twitter:



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Male Dancers: Power and Grace

I think male ballet dancers are sexy as f*ck. When in motion, they turn their awesome bodies into pure power and grace, leaping, flying through the air in a manner one wouldn’t think humanly possible. In quieter moments, they express poetic emotions.

I have been doing paintings of male dancers for a while, experimenting with different techniques, styles and mediums. I really like my current direction. Using fat brushes and fluid paint, I try to capture the movement and energy that I see on stage. In a live performance the dancers are nearly a blur, constantly in motion; going too fast to see any detail. I attempt to capture that feeling. More development to come…

These paintings will be on exhibit in the “Cream Pies and Other Delights” erotic art fair by the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, June 12-14, 2015. 127 Prince St, New York, NY (corner Wooster St, basement gallery, use stairs from sidewalk). #powerandgrace #creampiesandart

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“Dirty Little Drawings” by Shungaboy

After a hiatus, the popular Dirty Little Drawings exhibit and sale is back! Over 1000 drawings by 60 artists of the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art’s Drawing Studio will be on display and available for purchase March 27-29, 2015. I will have 50 paintings in the show. The format for all the art in this show is 5-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ and the price is $60 each. Info and links about the show are at the bottom of this post. Here are my 50:

After March 30, these will be available in my Shop. Some of these are as old as 2004 “oldies but goodies”, some were done at the LL Drawing Studio, some at Men’s Naked Drawing Group NY, some are inspired by male dancers and some are from porn.

Opening: March 27, 6-8 pm (no wine)
Exhibition Dates: March 28-29, 2015, 12-6 pm (wine and art events)
Prince St. Project Space, 127-B Prince St., New York, NY 10013 (corner Wooster St, below Lululemon Men).
Facebook Event Page with map
Works by other artists on Dirty Little Drawings Art Gallery blog.

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Male Drawing Groups: added Vancouver and Brighton

I recently found 2 men’s drawing groups new to me. The one in Vancouver, P-Can Nude Drawing is a naturist group where both the models and the artists are naked! Just like my Men’s Naked Drawing Group NY!

Brighton Draws Men sounds like a fun, friendly bunch of artists! Here’s their BNDrawsMen twitter.

Here’s my full list of Men’s Drawing Group:

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