Male Dancers: Power and Grace

I think male ballet dancers are sexy as f*ck. When in motion, they turn their awesome bodies into pure power and grace, leaping, flying through the air in a manner one wouldn’t think humanly possible. In quieter moments, they express poetic emotions.

I have been doing paintings of male dancers for a while, experimenting with different techniques, styles and mediums. I really like my current direction. Using fat brushes and fluid paint, I try to capture the movement and energy that I see on stage. In a live performance the dancers are nearly a blur, constantly in motion; going too fast to see any detail. I attempt to capture that feeling. More development to come…

These paintings will be on exhibit in the “Cream Pies and Other Delights” erotic art fair by the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, June 12-14, 2015. 127 Prince St, New York, NY (corner Wooster St, basement gallery, use stairs from sidewalk). #powerandgrace #creampiesandart

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“Dirty Little Drawings” by Shungaboy

After a hiatus, the popular Dirty Little Drawings exhibit and sale is back! Over 1000 drawings by 60 artists of the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art’s Drawing Studio will be on display and available for purchase March 27-29, 2015. I will have 50 paintings in the show. The format for all the art in this show is 5-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ and the price is $60 each. Info and links about the show are at the bottom of this post. Here are my 50:

After March 30, these will be available in my Shop. Some of these are as old as 2004 “oldies but goodies”, some were done at the LL Drawing Studio, some at Men’s Naked Drawing Group NY, some are inspired by male dancers and some are from porn.

Opening: March 27, 6-8 pm (no wine)
Exhibition Dates: March 28-29, 2015, 12-6 pm (wine and art events)
Prince St. Project Space, 127-B Prince St., New York, NY 10013 (corner Wooster St, below Lululemon Men).
Facebook Event Page with map
Works by other artists on Dirty Little Drawings Art Gallery blog.

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Male Drawing Groups: added Vancouver and Brighton

I recently found 2 men’s drawing groups new to me. The one in Vancouver, P-Can Nude Drawing is a naturist group where both the models and the artists are naked! Just like my Men’s Naked Drawing Group NY!

Brighton Draws Men sounds like a fun, friendly bunch of artists! Here’s their BNDrawsMen twitter.

Here’s my full list of Men’s Drawing Group:

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Paintings from Jan 13 MNDGNY

So I started a sketch group for naturist male artists in NYC called Men’s Naked Drawing Group NY. We had our first session earlier this week. It was/is a lot of fun organizing it. Here are my paintings from the January 13, 2015 session.

To read my description and artist comments on each painting and to purchase, click here for my website. Free shipping within the continental US.

You can also see my comments on the session and drawings from the other artists on the MNDGNY blog.

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Added 2 Men’s Drawing Groups

Added 2 men’s drawing groups to my list:

Men’s Art Event, Ft. Lauderdale and the Vauxhall Gay Life Drawing Group, London, UK.

I’m also happy to report that my Men’s Naked Drawing Group NY has gotten a lot of interest! We have 32 naked artist members; the January 13 session has a waiting list and the February 10 session is already starting to fill up. Who knew?

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Nude Drawing Group in Toronto!

Just found out that TNT!MEN, Toronto’s social group for naturist men has a naked drawing group! It’s usually on the 4th Thursday of each month (but it’s different for this month so check their calendar). I’ve added it to my list of male drawing groups. Check it out.

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RSVP for Inaugural Men’s Naked Drawing Group NY

So I finally got my naturist drawing group set up! Our inaugural drawing session will be Tuesday January 13, 2015 in NYC.

A sketch group for naturist/nudist male artists where artists take turns posing for each other. When both the model and the artist are similarly naked, they are on equal footing, encouraging an openness and camaraderie not found in traditional drawing groups.

Men’s Naked Drawing Group NY

New York, NY
17 Naked Artists

A sketch group for naturist/nudist male artists where artists take turns posing for each other. When both the model and the artist are similarly naked, they are on equal footi…

Check out this Meetup Group →

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